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Silicon Paper(11“X17”) and Silicon Paper(8“X11”)

Item Name: Silicon Paper(11“X17”) and Silicon Paper(8“X11”)
Item no. GYZ1117 & GYZ0811

Two sizes available: 11“X17” and 8.5“X11”. The usage is same as Thermal Resistant Paper, but it can create better printing effect for some products due to its oiliness. The Thermal Resistant Paper will have to be torn until getting cold 3 minutes later if you use the dark transfer paper, but you can tear the paper at once as long as you put the Silicon Paper on its surface, which is time saving. It might be easily stuck onto the leather material when printing using Thermal Resistant Paper, which will influence the quality of your product. But Silicon Paper won’t. What’s more, another advantage of this Paperis that it can be used repeatedly while keeping its favorable price