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The printing of Glass and Crystal product

Printing notes:

1) They can not be printed with too much pressure
2) They must be preheated before printing
3) The printing image can not be a mirror as you see through the glass material
4) They can not be put into the water at once as the printing process is over
It will not be a problem if you can handle these methods to print Glass products: http://youtu.be/IYsK1xCmOIE
The videos of BLP08 and BLP10 have been attached as below, where these notes have been fully emphasised. So eveybody can try to learn.
Item Name: 10'' Glass Plate
Item No.: BLP10
Material: Glass
Weight: 10kg
Packing: 15pcs/carton
Dimension: 350*265*282mm
Item Name: Glass Mugs (Clear)
Item No.: B1G-02
Weight: 13kg
Material: Glass
Dimension: φ8.2*H9.5cm
Packing: 36pcs/Carton, 410*270*310mm
Item Name: Crystal Glass Frame 16
Item No.: SG-16
Material: Tempered glass
Packing: 20pcs/Carton
Dimension: 415*260*205mm
Weight: 22kg
Size: 230*180*10mm